Borrowed Clicks is the interface for my dreams, thoughts, excitements, frustrations, motivations, patriotism, ideas to the outside world. There is no theme, there is no limit, I will post whatever I feel like. I promise to be very 'irregular' in postings. And when I would not have anything to post I will ask others for guest postings.

Too many 'I's up there. Yes! Borrowed Clicks is about me.

About Me

Amardeep Singh. 28. India.

Entrepreneur. Wannabe Photographer. IIT Bombay. Aerosapce Engineer. Zephyr. Udaan. Airspace. Aeroventure. Hostel 5. Xephyr. Techfest 2006. Colorz. Calendar One. Mumbai Unmute. ideaForge. Carbon/Netra.


To save further delay in the start of my blog I will copy-paste 'About Me' from one of my projects Mumbai Unmute. Will update it some other time which may as well be never.

This 'wannabe' photographer is an entrepreneur at heart always looking to do something different, small or big.

After graduating from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Bombay in 2008 he now has his start-up ideaForge developing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Alternate Energy Solutions. One of their unmanned flying vehicles was recently seen in the movie 3 idiots.

He, along with Farooq Adam, came up with a photography calendar Colorz Calendar One in 2008 which turned out to be a huge success. Later editions never saw the light of the day due to his over-procrastination (& several other reasons) but the want of photographing people resulted into Mumbai Unmute.

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