The cat is getting belled
The cat is getting belled | 2011-02-02 00:00:01

The photograph is over 2 years old while I was still in college and had taken up a photography course in IDC. I don’t even have the original picture now, I had to crop it out from a portfolio I had made back then. So what is the photograph doing here NOW? It has a small story..

In December 2010, I saw Amrita’s gmail status ‘The cat is getting belled’. Out of curiosity I buzzed her.

Dec, 2010

me: r u too belling the cat?
Amrita: yes :) ..m gettin married
me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
me: damnnnnn
Amrita: ok what a reaction
me: no i remembered something
Amrita: which is?
me: i remembered that u didnt blv in the institution of marriage? isnt it?
Amrita: well ... thats why the cat gets belled .. although very late but finally i did fall in love too

Cut to ..

Apr, 2008

Amrita: love iaint my cup of tea at all
me: isnt it sooo natural
Amrita: harre .. y do ppl say this yaar fall in love. its not natural its the most acquired symptom in human beings
me: n animals?
Amrita: u lose urself if u r in love
me: its same with all
Amrita: n i love myself toooooo to do that .. attraction cld be thr. im attracted to richard i love him? no
me: idk..u wud probably know it when u have it
Amrita: the moment u are intoa knot with someone,...that person wld have to be ur priority..end of life. coz u then live forhim mostly
Me: soo.. u blv thr is no such thing like love?? is it
Amrita: thr is...but doesnt happen the way we say easily ppl u.. noway ..never
Amrita: logo ko pyarr toh aisa ho jata hai ki kay kahe..govt tax laga de bnaa toh malaamal ho jayegi :)
me: haha.. no .. in general .. take ur case .. u say u didnt like anyone .. n wont in future
Amrita: at this rate no...ill love my husband ..ill married in 2 years max,time nahi hai usse pehle... but i don know..ill live my life with him..but may not be in love with him but i know the kind of person ilsd like to be with , i need to be at a dift kind of place to come across him
me: u never know !! whr u find him
Amrita: i cant find him...i cant relate to the typical men i come across everyday... but il be hooked by my parents to one of them...
me: right but as u said u may not love him
Amrita: so ild like him..but i wld not love him
me: u'll live with him
Amrita: may be.. yes, thatsa wat so amny ppl do..
Amrita: mer case mein bande ka chance to i end up loving him..since i love none now..but tere case mein to bandi. bechari .. dont be mean to ur wife
me: hahaahah dont worry I wont be
Amrita: we need to have this discussion at length
me: yeah i know i have to convince you
Amrita: full length
me: yes .. till i convince u
Amrita: forget it .. aise nahi
me: toh kaise
Amrita: milke.. lets catch up seriously? hey chall now i gotta go
me: n u r from Humanities so dont uljhana me with some arbit terms n big words
Amrita: will fix up a discussion session soon ..this has to continue ..tilla consensus
me: yes it has to !!
Amrita: oh right
me: hahah
Amrita: gotta go n cook


That discussion never happend until Dec 2010.
[After reading this I realize I was so cliche back then :p Do we all feel like that when we see our past? I get the same feeling when I see my earlier photographs. Anyway, I have removed most of my comments since it is about Amrita’s thoughts and not mine :) ]

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Dec, 2010

I met her over the dinner (Thank you!) and was curious to know the change in thought. Her response was ‘You just know it when you have it. And the feeling is so right that I just felt like sealing it for life’.
I was convinced. She is getting married on February 9th, 2011. I wish her a great married life ahead!