I do solemnly swear that ...
I do solemnly swear that ... | 2013-04-11 23:51:01

Photograph by Amardeep Singh, Poem by Dr. Farah

First things first. Congratulations!! Farah on your wedding (..and being on my blog now). You would probably be the most excited & chirpy bride I have ever seen on her wedding day. I wish you an amazingly crazy life ahead.


A poem by the bride herself

I do solemnly swear that ...
Will you forgive me
For not crying in a movie
Real misery moves my heart
Not the rape of an Oscar winning tart
Within me compassion swells
But my eyes not reptilian wells
Dumbledore’s death, I couldn’t care less
But a girl struck my stroke, oh yes
I want to hold her hand, be proud of a twitch
Watch her reclaim her posture on a crutch
Dying people and the smell of death
Makes you retch, oh doctors wretched
The brief touch of my hand
Though short lived like the castles of sand
Is a gesture of acceptance outliving its brevity
I pray which delivers you from this stigmatizing adversity
You may have lost your standing, your pride
Along with those fickle limbs, betraying you mid-stride
But I won’t wince on seeing the disfigured lion they call your face
I shall shake hands with your dignity when I take leave with grace
I shall not point fingers, entitle you a buggering bitch
Or be a prudish puritan and exclaim which
God-fearing mother has done such lamentable rearing
And raised a child of such questionable bearing
Of the branded immoral I shall not maintain and circulate a directory
I’m a doctor helping healing, not a purger exiling them into purgatory
Mercy hadn’t been mete out and time did nip
Or they themselves burnt away their lives on the tip of their lip
But I’m not here to hold trial, I m not here to scoff
That had fewer years been put in the pack, you’d breathe free of this cough
I shall not judge if you’re bruised and your tongue florid
And you throw blood from all orifices, your motion torpid
I don’t care if you are a saint or if you slipped and became taint
If you were transfused with morbidity or acquired from a fresh acquaint
I’m not here to dig up gossip, I’m not here to denigrate
To the best of my abilities, I swear to Hippocrates, I will help you rehabilitate.

- Dr. Farah Adam Mukadam