Reminiscences from Ladakh
Reminiscences from Ladakh | 2012-08-15 00:00:01

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'Reminiscences from Ladakh' is a follow-up to my earlier Ladakh video 'Postcards from Ladakh'

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This is more of an experimental video. I would like to call this concept - 'Phodeo' (Did I just coin a new term?). It took me almost 2 months to complete it. I wanted to publish it on 1 year anniversary of our Ladakh trip as a tribute to the Majesty and one of the high moments in my life. It didn't happen. I underestimated. But I am glad it is finally out.

It has been a little over one year since I went to Ladakh for the first time. I am over-emotional about it because Ladakh to me was more than just a vacation. It came at a time when I needed it the most. Last year I travelled across all corners of India but no other place could come even closer, not in terms of beauty but inspiration. It certainly has an effect on you which lasts long. People who have been to Ladakh would know what I am talking about; those who have not can call me crazy till the time they do. I wanted to acknowledge this moment in some way and that is how this video happened.


A post on my blog was due since a long time. I will take this opportunity to sum-up what I have been up to.

December 2011

It was December of 2011, the year had been a rollercoaster with its highs and lows. I had an epiphany, '2012 would be the star year in my 5-year theory'. My theory says that when you want to compare things then the minimum time scale should be 5 years. You change as a person in 5 years. Your beliefs, your morals, your likes dislikes can change over 5 years. You fall in true love once in 5 years.

Coming back to the epiphany, I had thought that this year would be among the most happening; professionally, emotionally & creatively satisfying in several years to come & gone by. It started rather rough. It was all going great till the eve of New Year; we were nearing the end of an amazing roadtrip to Rajasthan when I received a phonecall from a very senior official and the next moment I was expected to assist an elite investigation agency in solving a really high profile crime case on 1st Day of 2012. What could have been better than this? A perfect adventurous start to 2012. Wrong!

Things went wrong. 2 days later, I found myself at home lying in bed struggling to speak. I had lost my voice. After spending 10 long days in bed I was up, hoping this was just a bad start, the year would still turn out great. But even weeks later, I couldn't speak. It was just sounds of hisses and air lazily passing through my vocal chords without really striking a chord. Initially it was fun to have those deep dark sounds but then there was a time when I actually got scared, what if I had lost my voice forever.

3 months on, I had gained my voice back but I had lost a lot in this period. I lost my grandfather. When I look back I have a lot of regret. I remember when I was younger, we were so good buddies. I would spend so much of time with him, he had so many stories to tell us. He was my eyes into the pre-independence era. He would tell us how much people and relations meant at that time. I loved his way of articulating stories in an engaging style. Even the same stories felt fresh every time he told them. The stories of freedom struggle, politics, villages, thieves, kidnappings - he had them all.

As far as I can remember, he looked exactly the same over all these years and we always thought he was immortal. I couldn’t spend a lot of time with him in the last few years. He would call me often on phone and I would forget calling him back. I would give myself an excuse that I was busy and forgot. Not that I was not busy but that was no excuse to not keep in touch. Seeing him in his last few days was the most painful thing. He was trying to say something to me but could not gather energy to spell it out. I will always wonder what his last words to me would have been.


15 AUG 2012

Here I am, sitting with friends helping them blow balloons for my TWENTY EIGHTH birthday. I am not very sure what is there to celebrate about being 28 and still clueless.

I don't remember when was the last time someone blew balloons on my birthday.

More than half the year has gone by but I still have a hope that this year will stand out in my 5 year span theory. One of the reasons I made this video is to bring something back to this year. To remember some good things about this year. To turn things around. You ask me how?

Well.. Faith!

15 AUG 2010

On this very day, 2 years back I started this photoblog, thanks to Ms. Shehla Rashid Shora for my first photoblog entry titled 'Independence as we know it!'. Shehla, I am grateful to you but I want to say sorry for pushing you into writing the blog article that day itself even though you were really sick. I always felt bad about it later. You wrote a follow-up article the next year. I hope the trend will continue :)


Before I sign off; I want to wish everyone a very Happy Independence day!