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Planet Mumbai | 2012-03-06 01:12:36

This July would mark my 9 years in Mumbai. One-third of my life. And all of them just passed by so quickly! Next month would also be my official Goodbye to IIT Bombay campus when we move out our office. That would also mean I wouldn't be bumping into college mates coming back to campus with hell lot of nostalgia of how they missed the campus and how it feels so good to be back for a while. I always regretted that I never had that feeling, I never went away from the campus to miss it.

I would probably not get the feeling even when I move out now. Too late. I believe its not the college infrastructure, buildings, roads, grounds or hostel we miss, its the people who make our college life what it was. And whenever we think of being '17 again' we want the same set of students, profs, staff whatever good or bad they were.


More importantly, this weekend would mark the end of an era! Rajesh Patki - friend, hostelite, flatmate - would be leaving permanently for London. For good. I am happy for you. I am sad for myself. When I look back, I realize these 9 years have passed by so quickly because of people like you. I am overwhelmed with so many things changing at the same time that I fear even to think about the momentum of this event which is going to change my daily life in every possible way.

Rajesh Patki

I dedicate this fantasy land picture to you where we spent so much time together and with all honesty I want to tell you that Mumbai will never be the same without you!

About the picture

Skyscrapers of Mumbai as seen from 'AER', the rooftop lounge of Four Seasons Hotel, Worli.

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