Postcards from Ladakh
Postcards from Ladakh | 2011-08-24 20:29:41

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A picture is worth a 1000 words. This video technically should be (335sec x 24fps x 1000) 8040000 words or more! It hopes to be nostalgia for those who have been to Ladakh, reality for those who are in Ladakh right now, trailer for those who are going there soon and a motivation to go for those who haven't thought of it yet. Ladakh is a dream, dream that lingers on. I see myself going back to the monastries, sit there all day hearing the sound of vaccum and look into the nothingness.


This is my first attempt at making a, better than average, video. It turned out to be more of a learning experience. Got to know a few tips & tricks. Hopefully, I'll get a little better in the future ones. Suggestions/tips/tricks are welcome.

p.s. One surely needs a super-computer to do some decent post-processing on videos. Yes! your 4GB RAM turns out to be pretty useless.