Muskaan | 2011-08-09 23:30:01

One of the things that I regret on my Ladakh trip is that I didn't click too many pictures of people. Probably I was too taken over by the beautiful landscapes which I usually don't like photographing much otherwise. Yes, among others clicking flowers, insects, leaves are a complete no no for me. I like clicking people or I would like to believe I like clicking people.

This is one of the very few pictures of Ladakhi people I could take on the trip. Her name is Muskaan. Ironically, she was crying when I turned to her. Glowing skin, chubby red cheeks, curious eyes, furrowless wide forehead; all kids were like her.

Muskaan   Kid   Kid   Kid

Some of the pictures in the above thumbnails were taken by Rahul Vats. I forgot which ones :p