Ladakh Trip - Night Camp at Sarchu
Ladakh Trip - Night Camp at Sarchu | 2011-07-21 02:22:07

No life should be lived without experiencing the grandness that Ladakh is!

We had the opportunity of spending last 10 days through the mountains, lakes, rivers, springs, skies, waterfalls and people that make Ladakh a lifetime experience. We didn't really feel the trip had started until the first night that made the rest of the trip much easier for us. How many times do you find yourself at 12000 feet feeling breathless for 20 min at 4.30 AM after pushing your car out of deep mud when its raining from above and rocks from mountains falling in front of you in a jam of 1500 vehicles lasting over 14 hrs and then getting cheered for crossing the last mud stretch? I am guessing not many ..

Travelling sleepless all day after the legendary night we reached Sarchu and decided to stay at the night camp which happened to provide us with good food and cozy shelter through the freezing night. I took a few snapshots of the breathtaking view at long exposures before retiring for the day. Next day we started afresh and reached Leh by late evening but not before getting lost in the awe of landscapes that Manali-Leh route presented to us.

I will soon be uploading pictures of the trip on Flickr/Facebook (Once I sort them of course)

Thanks to Rahul Vats, Vinay Sharma, Yatish Mishra and Puneet Arora for making this trip memorable.
Photos on Flickr: Landscapes from Ladakh
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